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First Extremes Workshop: Mission Accomplished

by | May 8, 2015

Our workshop, Extreme Weather and Climate: Hazards, Impacts, Actions, happened yesterday. For me, it went by in a blur. A little like attending your own wedding, you’re so caught up in it that you can’t quite tell how you’d react to it if you weren’t. But maybe that feeling of being overwhelmed was partly due to the content. […]

Boston breaks seasonal snowfall record

by | March 18, 2015

As of 7 pm Sunday March 15, this winter became the snowiest on record in Boston, MA with 108.6 inches, surpassing the previous record of 107.6 inches set in the winter of 1995/1996. This winter has been extreme in every sense of the word, from heavy snowfall and cold temperatures to sea ice in the […]