Competitive Advantage

The Columbia Initiative on Extreme Weather and Climate has several competitive advantages:

Columbia University, through this new Initiative on Extreme Weather and Climate, is extremely well positioned to remain a driving force behind the discoveries that help us understand the interconnected workings of the planet. The community of scientists, engineers, systems and information management experts, public policy practitioners, and public health researchers will together continue to play a vital role in advancing the field of Earth science and contributing significantly to humankind’s ability to support fragile ecosystems and vulnerable populations, particularly as the threats from weather disasters accelerate and multiply across the globe.

Few research institutions in the world share Columbia’s extraordinary mix of observational, analytic, and technical expertise across such a wide range of fields. The Initiative on Extreme Weather and Climate draws together the expertise across the University and focus it on both the basic and applied dimensions of the science and engineering problems that need to be solved in order to make the earth’s populations and economies better prepared for and resilient to the risks posed by extreme weather and climate.