The Initiative, which formally launched in February 2015, has four primary objectives:

  1. To reduce the uncertainties in our projections of changes in extreme climate and weather events of all types in order to forewarn threatened communities more effectively and allow them to prepare better and recover more quickly.
  2. To study the different types of extreme climate and weather events in an integrated fashion so that the risks and uncertainties associated with each can be compared and evaluated meaningfully.
  3. To protect us from extreme climate and weather events in a rational way by developing comprehensive engineering solutions based on the best and most comprehensive assessment of all the risks.
  4. To assess the financial implications of extreme climate and weather events and to develop comprehensive strategies for dealing with the financial risks.

Overall, this initiative aims to bring together people and institutions from a variety of disciplines in order to tackle some of the world’s most complex problems with integrated understandings, methodologies, and solutions.